Special Group wipes the floor (with ecostore print ad)

Special Group’s print ad for ecostore ended up sparking off a rather heated discussion about the exciting realm of PH levels in washing powder when we wrote a story about the whole malarkey a few weeks back. And the swift response obviously tickled the fancies of the Newspaper Advertising Bureau’s Newspaper Ad of the Month judges, because it’s been awarded the gong for the July round.

The full-page ad was placed the day after a story about misleading packaging claims regarding the PH levels of All Natural washing powder ran in the Herald. There was also a paragraph about discrepancies with the PH level of ecostore’s laundry powder on its packaging, but ecostore said that had been remedied quickly once it had been brought to the company’s attention.

“The ad’s got topicality. That’s how a newspaper should be used to make a statement”, said the judges Paul Catmur from Barnes, Catmur & Friends, Scott Harley from Spawn and Kate Humphries from Media Design School.

Special’s winning team receives $250 cold hard cash and the ad will be sponsored by the NAB into the 2011 Axis Awards. The ad also becomes a finalist in the 2011 $10,000 Newspaper Ad of Year competition.

And if you missed out on all the Newspaper Ad of the Year celebrations recently, here you go. And here you go again.

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