Special Group laughs in the face of danger with new Four posters

Last year, Special Group launched a campaign for America’s Next Top Model that featured a naked lady pulling the old hand-over-the-side-boob-on-the-back-of-the-ute trick. It also launched a campaign for Top Chef Just Desserts featuring the words Backstabbing Slut on a cake. Both campaigns were complained about to the ASA, and the complaint about the offensive cake was upheld. And it’s taken a similarly attention-grabbing approach with new poster campaigns for Four’s America’s Next Top Model All Stars and Family Guy.  No doubt the complainers will continue to complain about the presence of terms like bitch, hoochie-mama, nut job and lesbian,but, like the shot on the ute, which was a supplied image from the US show that was manipulated to promote an episode filmed in New Zealand, the names for each character are used by the show’s empress Tyra Banks and many of the show’s viewers.

Continuing the truth in advertising theme, rather than shy away from criticism, the new posters for Family Guy boldly wear these negative reactions, including one from America’s chief wowser, Sarah Palin, as a badge of honour.   

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