Saving Kiwis from poop

The Kickstarter fundraising initiative has given a platform to some delightfully weird ideas over the last few years. Following on from a bizarre catalogue that already includes crystal bacon, combat kichenware and meat soap, a pair of Kiwi entrepreneurs have now announced Poopins via the crowd-funding-based website.  

These helpful little hazard signs made out biodegrable cardboard have been developed to let Kiwis draw attention to any dog poop that they might encounter along the road.

Creator Stephen McCarthy, pleads his case: “We live three blocks from the beach in Sumner, New Zealand and while walking Charlie, our wee griffon…we encountered 30 fresh, brown, small and large dog turds. So something needed to be done.”

And something was done.

At StopPress we’re an office divided about Poopins, with some thinking the tags are a long overdue finger in the face of inconsiderate dog owners, and others thinking that they’re just a great way to end up knuckle-deep in some strange dog’s doo.

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