Pretty much the same ad?

When BP released its lost bunny ad shortly after Vodafone launched its Piggy-Sue spot, various media outlets quickly pointed out that there were some striking similarities between the two spots. And now, to show just how similar the two spots are, Dan News has posted a YouTube clip that has the two spots playing simultaneously, showing how similar the narrative progression is in both spots. This is likely just an unfortunate coincidence for both brands, but it does provide something of a reminder that even in the creative industry ideas are often not as original as they might seem at first. 

That being said, Shakespeare borrowed extensively from literary works that preceded some of his most popular publications—and this has done little to diminish the quality of the work produced by the bard in his life. If anything, this again reiterates that execution of an idea is sometimes more important than the idea itself.      

And on the topic of re-purposing someone else’s ideas, the NZ Fair Tax League has a released a parody of the Vodafone spot that calls the telco out for not paying its fair share of tax.  

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