RNZ National remains New Zealand’s most popular radio station

The fourth annual GfK radio survey has given insights into the strength and scope of RNZ listening from New Zealand.

The RNZ platform has taken a 13.9 percent stake in the audience, with a combined weekly reach of its RNZ Concert and RNZ Nation platforms, taking a station share of 2.7 and 11.2, respectfully.

The survey was conducted over 40 weeks and sampled 14,879 people aged 10+.

Department of Statistics estimated population data at 30 June 2019 indicates approximately 4,347,100 people aged 10+ years live in New Zealand. The Total New Zealand Radio New Zealand Audience Measurement Survey shows 3,577,4001 or 82.3 percent of them listen to a radio station each week.

Network RNZ National reaches 600,600 different people each week, a 13.8 percent reach of all people 10+ across New Zealand.

This result is up from the 599,800 listeners tuning in as reported in the third survey of the year.

The result in this survey also gives RNZ National the biggest cumulative audience when compared to that of the top commercial station.

In GfK’s commercial survey released last week, More FM took top spot with a weekly cumulative reach of 566,100.

This is a share of 11.2 percent of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Network RNZ Concert has a total audience weekly reach of 173,3001 or 4.0 percent of all people in New Zealand aged 10+.

This is a share of 2.7 percent of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

2,836,600 people aged 10+ listen to Breakfast radio (6am to 9am Monday to Friday) in a typical week.

Breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am) show Network RNZ National reaches 433,800 or 10 percent of people aged 10+ across New Zealand. This is a market share of 14.9 percent of the total radio listening audience at that time of day.

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