Planning a North Korean vacation? There’s an app for that

Every time it seems as though all the app voids in the world have already been filled, someone finds some unchartered territory in the app landscape. This trend has now continued with the emergence of the North Korea Travel app, which makes it easier for people to visit the “hermit kingdom”.

While this might seem like a satirical innovation thought up by the writers at the Onion, it’s actually a legitimate business, which has been founded by Chad O’Carroll and Kseniya Purtova in conjunction with Uniquely Travel and Magoria Systems.

The app aims to give prospective travellers to the secretive nation tips on historical sites, attractions, restaurants and other unique experiences on offer.

In addition to providing advice on what to do and see behind the iron curtain of Kim Jong-Un’s personal playpen, the app also enables users to book their flights and accommodation in the country. 

Given that there’s a growing trend of extreme travel as increasing numbers of people visit places such as Iran, North Korea and Chernobyl, the creators of the app have seemingly tapped into a niche that could prove quite lucrative.  


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