Pagani debuts new direction, tells visual summer story

Pagani, one of the oldest New Zealand-owned fashion chains, has been given an overhaul with the help of Running with Scissors. And the changes stretch from the instore experience to the advertising. 

Over the past 30 years, the retailer has been quietly achieving sales and growth, but head buyer Alex Walls says it has invested a considerable sum in refitting all 40 of its stores, which is part of an ‘inside-out’ approach to changing the brand and preparing it for the future. And with the in-store transformation now complete, Pagani will begin to take its new look and feel to market, starting with a summer campaign that takes customers on a summer journey from day to night, from picnics to parties.

“This is just the first step in a wider vision for Pagani,” says Running with Scissors creative director and strategic planner, Lisa Divett. “We wanted to work together to highlight the great work they are already doing with their in-store refits. We created a visual story that celebrates the garments and accessories on offer and curates customers through their summer collection.”

Running with Scissors brought on board up-and-coming fashion photographer Oliver Rose to help create the look for the campaign. He worked with model Esther Cronin and producer Sarah-Jane Hough to capture a series of stylised images designed to showcase the new direction.

The Pagani Summer campaign launched with store windows and in-store directionals across the country. And this will be followed up with a Cleo partnership featuring ads and a look-book in the November issue.


Agency: Running with Scissors

Creative Director: Lisa Divett

Account Director: Emma Wilkinson

Photographer: Oliver Rose

Producer: Sarah-Jane Hough

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