Of giant hands and skinny dogs

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: 2degrees by TBWA\ and Digital Post

Why we like it: Once again, 2degrees has managed to entertain and inform simultaneously with its new Pay Monthly spots. As we’ve all come to expect, they’re funny, quirky, easily understood and also quite combative, in a typically cheeky, ‘giant fat-cat’s animated hand stealing your minutes’ kind of way. And, while some fans may be disappointed to see that Rhys Darby’s human mug has been replaced on screen by two chaps named Bruce and Brian, his dulcet tones still resonate.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Greyhounds as Pets by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: Not only does it aim to help out our speedy canine mates who’ve run their last race, it also takes the mickey out of narcissistic bodybuilders. Oh, and shows that love can come from anywhere.

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