Step away from the toaster, donate Fly Buys points to Chch instead

There’s already been a steady stream of cash donations to the various Christchurch Quake appeals and plenty of initiatives from the business community to raise funds. Now Loyalty New Zealand, the company behind Fly Buys, has come up with another way to help those affected by the disaster by allowing its 2.5 million card holders to donate their points in one hundred point lots to the Red Cross or the SPCA Canterbury. So get in there and donate your points here.

“All our thoughts are with the people of Christchurch,” says chief executive Lance Walker. “We know that a lot of Kiwis want to help those affected by this disaster. Let’s get the word out that if you don’t have any spare cash to help, you can donate your Fly Buys Points and that will make a difference. We’ve all been touched by this tragedy in some way or another, and hundreds of thousands of our members have also been affected. We anticipate Fly Buys Members supporting our activity wholeheartedly.”

Fly Buys hopes to raise 100,000 points and, as of today, was closing in on 20,000.

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