Data hounds go weak at the knees as NZ Post beefs up Genius

New Zealand Post launched its Genius segmentation tool last year and info-nerds everywhere fell into a deep swoon. Now, in an effort to offer enhanced levels of customer insight—and therefore more benefits to marketers—three new innovative enhancements have been added to the arsenal: Car Genius, Ethnicity Genius and a new segment level media profile component being used by Nielsen and Roy Morgan. New Zealand Post Analytics Manager Susan Needham says the ability to get a deeper breakdown of current customers and potential prospects allows for better targeted and tailored direct marketing campaigns, an important element when it comes to retention and acquisition strategies, as well as the identification of target markets, new prospects, the best catchment area for a new store, the best product range for local clientele and cross-selling opportunities.

Built from a variety of sources, Genius includes detailed information from The New Zealand Post Lifestyle Survey (unique to this product), other proprietary New Zealand Post information, Census data, BNZ MarketView and other commercially available data sources such as PropertyIQ house valuations. In total, it uses more than 1,000 data variables (including household value, household composition, lifestyle and geo-demographic categories) and divides New Zealand into nine clusters and 36 segments, each with distinct characteristics (and some rather entertaining tags like ‘Rice & Shine’, Joe & Joanna Bloggs’ and ‘Meat and Three veg’). It can also differentiate between urban and rural areas and the segmentation can also be customised for individual organisations to incorporate their own data.

“The New Zealand Post Ethnicity Genius allows advertisers to target customers based on their ethnicity and tailor their creative execution and copy to suit each ethnic group,” Needham says. “Whereas Car Genius was created to overlay car owner and car model details with Genius. This allows the automotive industry to select prospects by specific types of cars, frequency of purchase, and number or type of cars in each household.”

Roy Morgan and Nielsen have both made Media Genius segments available within their existing databases, both of which are commonly used by a large number of agencies and corporate clients, and Needham says this is welcome news to the industry.

“Many existing Genius clients and other agencies had expressed keen interest in seeing Genius incorporated into other databases so the decision by Roy Morgan Research and Nielsen to create Media Genius and make Genius segments available within their existing ones will no doubt create waves in the industry,” she says. “This development is extremely exciting because users will be able to run more detailed media profiles for each segment. This will subsequently help them understand their customers better, identify the best prospects and then the best media to use to reach them. New Zealand Post can then work with them to provide acquisition lists, if direct mail is the media preference, so they can start the ball rolling and begin to see results.”

Stuart Jamieson, executive director of Nielsen Media says it always wants to offer clients contemporary insights and opportunities for new understandings of their targets and markets and how to reach them. And he believes Genius can play an important role in this.

Companies can either sign up for Genius for a year ($20,000, with a 30 day trial) or for individual campaigns. Get your data fix and check out what Genius can offer here.

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