New Zealand Avocado rolls out quirky and informative digital campaign via Motion Sickness

New Zealand Avocado has taken a behind-the-scenes look at its orchards for a social media campaign in the New Zealand and Australian markets with the help of Motion Sickness. 

As part of the campaign, four avocado growers were interviewed; two in Bay of Plenty, one in Whangarei and one in the far North.

One 50-second spot watches grower Rob Jefferis from the Bay of Plenty talks about the history of his orchard and his love for growing avocados.

Sam Stuchbury, Motion Sickness founder and creative director, says it’s the first time Motion Sickness has worked with New Zealand Avocado.

“Earlier in the year we pitched and were then appointed to work on their social media/digital strategy, creative and content, and finally media buying/execution. They were looking to run two simultaneous social media campaigns over the summer months; one in New Zealand and one in Australia.”

He says with New Zealand being a home market and Australia being export, the team needed to take a slightly different approach for each, however, they were able to find common ground with the main campaign piece; the stories of the growers behind the avocados.

“We wanted to let the quirky character of real Kiwi avocado growers come through in the campaign. They’re real families, real people growing the product, and we wanted to make sure that the effort and care they put into growing the product was communicated, without taking it all too seriously.”

The campaign wanted to capitalise on the fact avocados are really having a ‘moment’ right now, says Stuchbury. 

“It’s about doing something that has more substance than another meme, whilst still be entertaining. We needed to ensure we weren’t just celebrating the fruit, but also giving a bit of extra detail around the amazing nutritional qualities, and actually what goes into getting it to people’s plates.”

He says an interesting aspect of the campaign would be the introduction of the New Zealand avocado digital presence into the Australian market.

“New Zealand Avocado actually ‘tops up’ Australian grower’s supply, so here it was about proving the high quality of the New Zealand product without appearing to be claiming superiority, or stepping on anyone’s toes. That’s where I think this approach really worked, just telling the real stories in an authentic, relatable and humble way.”

He adds that the campaign has been created with the fact that the target audience really does have a choice to give a campaign their attention in mind, meaning that it needed to be worthy of that attention and left them with something – “even if it’s just a feeling of positivity”.

“It’s also being aware of what will have cut through in the cluttered newsfeed…also, how we will take the audience on this journey through each ‘chapter’ with targeted media buys. Lastly, would be the supporting bite-sized messaging and studio-based content which really brings it back to that product at the heart of it all, good old avocados.”

Bevan Jelley, market manager for New Zealand Avocado, says until this season the company had not promoted avocados from New Zealand in Australia with a differentiated story to that being used to promote Australian grown avocados.

“Changing dynamics in the Australian avocado market meant that now was a good time to start promoting a story for avocados from New Zealand in Australia. We are trying to quickly establish a brand story for avocados from New Zealand in an offshore market. Social media allows us to add multiple layers to our story, to engage and learn quickly, and to develop a community of support that can advocate for avocados from New Zealand on our behalf.”

Jelley says the company is impressed with the performance of the campaign to date and excited about the range of content that is yet to be delivered.

“Motion Sickness have demonstrated an ability to capture genuine personalities of our growers and the care they take in producing great avocados. The authenticity of the content Motion Sickness have created has resonated well with avocado lovers in Australia and New Zealand.”

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