Milk, milk, Lemonade… Holy Moly ice cream hits Kiwi freezers

Lemonade Design is by no means a newbie to the design game with several prominent clients including Eden Park, Jucy Rentals and Burger Fuel on the roster. And now the agency has turned its hand to new premium ice cream brand Holy Moly.

The company was recently launched by creator James Oliver, who says it took five years to get to this point, and the inspiration for its playful, almost Ben & Jerry’s-esque branding spawned from simply tossing ideas around about the group’s feelings towards ice cream. Resident copywriter and business manager Tony Reardon says they were lucky, because Holy Moly handed over complete creative control and, as an added bonus, allowed them to create a couple of flavours.

“We understand retail and the consumer so we needed to create something that worked for the product, consumers and was different yet had the legs to grow and build,” says Reardon. “We had a number of other ideas, as you do, but this was the strongest and most flexible. And it’s fun.”

2010 was a busy year for the company, which was behind the 2010 re-launch of Eden Park, designing everything from the park’s sign to its sandwich wrappers.

It also developed the branding for Partners Life, an insurance company, and managed everything from the corporate vision to claim forms.

Lemonade has been in partnership with Burger Fuel’s marketing team over the last 14 years, managing the chain’s branding. Its recent work for the company ranged from creating POS menus for their Middle East stores and editing the BurgerVision in-store video loop.

New ventures for Lemonade include working with The Turkish Bread Company to tweak its packaging and market positioning, achieved by poking fun at the company’s roots with a bunch of tongue-in-cheek sayings.

The company is made up of six staff, including lead designer and owner Andrea Fowler.

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