Lix brings a new meaning to life drawing

Paper? Pffff. Why doodle in 2D on dead trees when you could do it in 3D in the real world with the Lix pen, “the world’s smallest 3D printing pen”. 

As it says on the website

Basically, Lix is a professional tool that enables you to sketch in the air without using paper. Lix 3D pen is a dream coming true. With Lix 3D Pen you can create anything from small to big, from details to prototypes. It allows you to express your creativity on a whole new level. We are changing the world’s view on 2D as we are now giving the possibility to make your creations in 3D in an never-been-so-easy way!

LIX 3d printing pen is the smallest pen that does not require paper.

LIX is the perfect tool for making writings, accessories, decoration pieces, art and crafts for kids, artistic jewelry, prototypes, and any different forms of drawings.

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