The Compendium: 2 May

The Brazilian offices of Havas Media and Pirelli come up with a way around Wikipedia’s continued aversion to allowing advertising on its site.

Ad veterans often say that smart story-telling is integral to creating a successful promotion. And as far as stories go, this epoch-transcending spot by BBH UK is as entertaining as it is effective.   

Empty Coca-Cola bottles have become emblematic of the scourge of rubbish that covers the floors of some of the most littered parts of the world. So in an effort to undo some of the harm it has caused, the drinks manufacturer devised a campaign, via Gizmoodo and Design Taxi, that made recycling just a little more enjoyable.  

This viral campaign from the Pilion Trust Charity in the UK gives an 80-second indictment of the severity of modern complacency, a state we are only broken out of when we are pushed beyond our usual comfort zone. 

Based on the simple video game premise that the winner plays on, this Nike Football spot, via Wieden + Kennedy, Portland was viewed over 48 million times within six days of being posted on YouTube. 

The Canadian Real Estate Association proves the value of its members’ services in a spot that at first seems like an exfeariential ad.


This spot from Y&R Paris features a great twist that takes the viewer from spine-tingling expectation to the face-palm of disbelief in a matter of 90 seconds.   

A Steve Urkel-looking gymnast dances his way through the streets of Soweto in this spot by TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, an agency that DDB’s new recruit Damon Stapleton once worked for. 

Celebrities lend their famous voices, and sombre faces, to a good cause for the US President.


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