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Who’s it for: Steinlager Pure by DDB and Taika Waititi 

Why we like it: By choosing to have foreigners endorse the brand in the past, the Steinlager Pure ads were perfect examples of New Zealand’s strange mix of pride and self-doubt. The PR line explaining the change in direction for this ad is that the country has come of age and we’re now more comfortable celebrating our own heroes. And as far as modern Kiwi heroes go, it’s hard to look past Taika Waititi, who’s basically the more cultural, Maori version of Richie McCaw. And there’s an additional element of coolness about this ad because he has played such an integral role in creating it. One of our favourite ads of the year so far. 


Who’s it for: V by Colenso BBDO and Thick as Thieves 

Why we like it: It hasn’t got the same conversational appeal as some of the earlier V campaigns, but it’s a cool idea with a whole heap of facets to it that’s been gestating for ages and is bound to be right up the alley of the yoof target market.

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