Kathmandu travels the world in latest in-house campaign

Kathmandu has set its sights on the world, with its first-ever global brand campaign, ‘Kathmandu World Ready’, developed by its in-house creative team.

The campaign is positioned to raise the profile of the outdoor brand both locally and globally and accelerate its momentum as a leading travel and adventure brand.

Its tagline, ‘Word Ready’, was chosen to encapsulate what Kathmandu is all about: giving travellers the confidence to take on an adventure, anywhere around the globe. It is based on a simple customer insight that when you travel, you learn.

The campaign introduces real customers stories through digital video – these are travellers and adventurers who are connected to the brand by their want to challenge themselves and achieve their goals. The integrated campaign will also heavily leverage social media, content marketing and digital advertising to show the experiences and learnings of travellers while they discover destinations such as Nepal, Peru, New Zealand and Australia.

One video followers Kiwis Mark and Hana as they cycle the entire length of the Americas, from the top of Alaska down to the southern tip of Argentina. Their journey began in August 2016, when they started the 45,000km marathon adventure, taking in views from their bikes that they would be otherwise unable to get to.

Another follows young artist Caroline Bellamy as she paints and sketches the epic New Zealand landscapes she comes across on her hiking and camping trips. It shows her getting herself ready for the trips, finding the perfect spot to draw and photograph and setting up camp.

It launches this month in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the USA.

Paul Stern, Kathmandu general manager (marketing, online and international), says the campaign will also empower Kathmandu team members who are travellers too, by encouraging them to impart their knowledge to customers heading on adventures.

“Kathmandu has evolved and the expression of our brand needs to evolve with it. We believe that Kathmandu World Ready is a unique proposition and will motivate potential adventurers to explore, travel and learn – with Kathmandu products giving them the confidence to discover the world.”

In 2019, the campaign will extend to PR activations, sponsorships and community-focused work.

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