The Compendium: 19 October

With two out of 10 children living with cancer in the UK not making it to the end of treatment, Children With Cancer UK raises awareness of what a tough journey treatment is for children with this campaign.

Nothing is more important to Daikin than its customers’ needs – no matter how small.

Staring at our phone screens is a habit most of us can’t break – but the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants you to know, driving has to be the exception.

When you’ve got maximum blogging and YouTubing to do, Russian mobile provider MTS has you covered.

Hans Anders does away with small print with its latest campaign.

Any sister worth their salt knows how easy it is to get the last slice of Domino’s when they’ve got something to hold over their brothers.

Popeyes knows that customers don’t want to eat frozen chicken, but it double checks to make sure.

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