Fonterra’s farmers and cute Kiwi kids combine to take Ad Impact Award

It certainly hasn’t been the best of times for Fonterra over the past few weeks, but it can put a small tick in the plus column after the ad to promote its Milk for Schools programme was named the winner of the June round of Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award. 

Created by Shine, which recently farewelled Fonterra and shacked up with Goodman Fielder, and shot by Exposure, the ad uses a few stubbie-wearing Fonterra farmers to promote the scheme, which gives free milk to all students in years 1 – 6 in participating schools and is being rolled out region-by-region. All schools that wish to take part will be on board by the end of term one 2014.

“The Fonterra Milk for Schools TV ad is the first ever under the Fonterra brand and aims to create awareness of the programme rollout amongst New Zealanders,” says Sharon Marr, Fonterra’s marketing manager. “It also aims to establish who is behind it—Fonterra along with our 10,500 Fonterra farmers—and reinforce why we are doing the programme. The ad has been developed to engage  in a humorous and light hearted way, featuring our farmers literally bringing the milk to schools. The two shorter 15 second ads continue our story and reinforce the nutritional goodness of dairy, the role it plays in the health of our kids and how Fonterra is committed to the growth of the next generation and the future of New Zealand.”

Colmar Brunton’s Harriet Dixon says ads for the agricultural industry have been performing well in 2013 and June was no exception. 

The ad exceeded the norms for impact, by being highly enjoyable and engaging, such a different style of ad for Fonterra really stands out. The strong communication of new news in this ad brings a great response, as viewers are motivated to talk about it and it aids overall appeal for Fonterra.”

Unfortunately, Fonterra had to cancel the launch celebrations of the scheme’s roll-out to Wellington schools as a result of its recent PR issues. But this scheme, along with the signing of Richie McCaw as an ambassador and some global marketing activity thought to be in the pipeline for both Fonterra and its B2B brand New Zealand Milk Products, shows that the company is doing a bit more to promote the company brand as well as its numerous products. 

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