‘Hell in paradise’

For the past three months, Heineken has been plucking real men out of their daily lives, dropping them into the great unknown and making them do ridiculous things as part of its Dropped campaign. And the fifth and final episode, which features two chaps on a desert island in the Philippines who are handcuffed to each other and have only one survival kit between them, has just been launched.  

The castaways—Murray from Ireland and Jakub from Poland—had to work as one to eventually set themselves free. Although they liked each other so much they stayed locked up even after finding the key. 

“Dropping two guys together from different cultures into a beautiful tropical island in the Philippines was a fitting conclusion to the campaign,” says Eric Quennoy, executive creative director at W+K Amsterdam. “Murray and Jakub quickly realised that if they were to succeed in their adventure together, first and foremost, they had to build a friendship. That spirit of openness is very much a Heineken quality, so it was amazing to see just how well they got along from the outset. Honestly, the chemistry between the two was so entertaining you could pretty much write a TV sitcom around these two characters.” 

Previously, Heineken has dropped brave male souls in Poland, Morocco, Cambodia and Alaska. 

And the campaign has also seen travellers offered a chance to fly to a random destination with its ‘Departure Roulette’ stunt. 

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