It’s payback time: Tequila\ and ANZ deliver pecuniary justice, vanquish IOUs with Facebook app

Using your phone as a payment device is something that’s been talked
about for years but rapidly increasing smartphone uptake means it is now
starting to come to fruition in New Zealand. ASB and TSB have recently
come out with updated mobile payment technology, and plenty of other
companies like Swipe HQ, Google and MasterCard have their own iterations
hoping to render the wallet an anachronism. Now ANZ has upped its
activity in this space as well with a Facebook campaign by Tequila\ that
aims to drive new registrations for its goMoney iPhone app.

The www.getpayback.co.nz campaign’s
protagonist is Curtis Black, a suave secret agent on a mission to track
down people who need payback. Customers are invited to go online, like
the bank, and describe their IOU and who it’s owed to for the chance of a
payback via ANZ goMoney. There is $1,000 up for grabs each day over a
two-week period.

“We wanted to create a genuinely fun and engaing
way to demonstrate the convenience and praticality of ANZ’s
market-leading mobile banking app,” says Tequila\’s creative
director Ross Howard. “The payback concept was conceived to reach a
tech-savvy audience though social media.”

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ANZ claims it was the first to bring the ‘pay-to-mobile’ function to
New Zealand, which enables users to transfer money to a friend’s account
anywhere and anytime using just their mobile number, and it has earned
plenty of plaudits so far, winning the 2011 IDC Financial Insights
Innovation Award, the 2011 CANSTAR Innovation in Financial Services
award, the 2011 Trailblazer Award from Banking & Payments Asia and
the 2011 Innovative Retail Banking Product of the Year in the Australian
Banking & Finance Magazine Awards. But, surprisingly—and unlike ASB
and TSB—there is still no android version for the goMoney app, so some
might say market-leading is pushing it.


Client: ANZ Head of Digital Marketing – James Perrin

Agency: TEQUILA\ Creative Director – Ross Howard

TEQUILA\ Producer – Henson Tan

TBWA\ Creative Directors – Craig Farndale and Connan James

TBWA\ Senior Account Manager – Ruth Allen

TBWA\ Production Director – Mark Paisey

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