Idealog – Flossie and glossy

Idealog magazine hit news stands today, featuring a cover story on grouponisation and the daily deal site sector – how Jenene Freer is relaunching Flossie.com as a daily deal site (or ‘vanity club’ as she describes it).

Eventually she wants to have an online booking system for the deals where salons/beauty therapists etc are selling distressed space.

“The grab-fest mentality desperately needs to evolve. A single hair salon in the suburbs shouldn’t be selling 400 appointments at 58 percent off on a deal site and be able to redeem the voucher on any day of the week,” says Freer.

“We don’t want to participate in the race to zero that’s going on with some of the deal sites on commission rates, so we’re opting out of that part.”

Her launch deal involves cosmetic surgery – boob job, eye lift and botox for a clinic in Tauranga, with the tagline ‘Why go to Thailand when you can go to Tauranga’.

The magazine also features ad man Mike Hutcheson (the very young version) with his legs in the air, the results from this year’s NZ Innovators Awards, and the chance to win a Nek Minnit t-shirt.

As Idealog’s Hazel Phillips says, “buy it and all your dreams will come true (if your dreams involve reading a good magazine. If your dreams involve midgets covered in whipped cream, we take no responsibility for lack of fulfilment).”

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