Ghost chips and old beer

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: When it comes to social messaging, making at-risk groups feel bad about their behaviour often has a habit of leading to more of that bad behaviour. But this excellent ad aims to heap praise on those who try to stop drink driving from happening. Brilliantly shot, a good soundtrack and great talent. Plus, ‘you know I can’t eat your ghost chips’ has to be one of the lines of the year.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Steinlager by DDB NZ and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: There seems to have been a collective case of the spinal shivers over the past few days as the All Blacks do some well-deserved showing off with Old Bill. And this little number for Steinlager to bring the brilliant ‘We Believe’ campaign to its intended conclusion managed to bring another one on. The taste of victory is… quite old, actually.

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