Icebreaker tears up plastic in NYC

icebreakerShop window PR always stirs up a bit of interest, as is the case in New York this week where Icebreaker has taken over a window at Paragon Sports in an effort to reduce the number of people from wearing plastic clothes made from petroleum. Tell your friends in NY to:

  1. Bring your synthetic t-shirt to Paragon Sports flagship store on 18th and Broadway, 11am–7pm, Monday 5 to Monday 12 October.
  2. A live seamstress sitting in the store window will turn it into a reusable running shoe bag for free!
  3. Make an Icebreaker GT purchase and get 26.2% off and a free pair of Icebreaker socks.

The press release says “synthetic tops make great plastic bags – but aren’t great to run in. They stink when you sweat in them, they feel unnatural and are made from petroleum. Icebreaker pure merino outdoor apparel is the natural alternative to synthetics – it feels better, doesn’t hold odour, is better for the environment and is biodegradable.”

Molly King, communications manager of Icebreaker, features in the video. She adds, “Many people don’t realise how perfect Icebreaker merino wool is in all types of weather. We hope New Yorkers come in to ‘bag synthetics’ and try on a piece of Icebreaker GT. They’ll feel for themselves why merino wool is a magic all-seasonal fibre.”

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