I like bowls?

Never has anyone been so enthusiastic over crockery. Jet.com have released a Super bowl ambush campaign, taking the mickey out of the competition in an effort to sell bowls. 

In a play on words the American online department created the “Super Bowl” commercial, featuring bowl fanatics with greater enthusiasm than the Big Save Furniture and Briscoes ladies. 

For those bowled over by the “super bowls”, they can purchase one from in the dedicated super bowl page. Cereal, serving, pasta, punch, ice cream and pet bowls are just a few bowls on offer are on offer.

Singer Demi Lovato might disagree with the bowl campaign as her allegiance clearly lies with the mug.

Jet.com isn’t the first, and it wont be the last time a company to play with the term “Super Bowl”. Since the national football league trademarked the term, brands have had to find ways to get around the rules, with Stephen Colbert’s 2014 effort providing a clever tongue-and-cheek solution.

Image sourced from Quick meme.

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