Air New Zealand warms the heart with a timeless love story

Air New Zealand is on a mission to turn on the eye taps this Valentine’s Day, with the ‘Timeless Love’ video the airline has released showing the reunion of a  WWII veteran with his long-lost English love after 71 years apart.

Norwood Thomas, now 93, met Joyce Morris, now 88, in 1943 after he was shipped to England for the war. Norwood describes how their attraction turned to a strong affection as they spent the weekends together. Unfortunately, after Norwood received the orders to return to America, a miscommunication between the pair saw them lose each other, until now.

Yesterday, Thomas touched down in Adelaide, the new home of his English love and the pair were reunited. No comment was made as to whether or not they would be together for Valentine’s Day.

Last year The Virginian Pilot reported the great love story of Thomas and Morris who found each other after Thomas’s 88th birthday skydive was reported online. Morris contacted the reporter who then put them in touch.

The Virginian Pilot were privileged to have a reporter present when the pair first connected via Skype.

She called him Tommy, a name he hadn’t heard since 1945, and they went on to recall their memories together talk about their marriages and children. Despite their relationships they never stopped wondering what the other was up to.

An Air New Zealand spokesperson says the airline felt it had to get involved after hearing the story as they are in the business of connecting people.

“Like many others, we were heartened when we heard the story about a US WWII veteran reconnecting with his long-lost love via Skype late last year.  Given our business is all about connecting people, we jumped at the chance to reunite Norwood and Joyce after 71 years apart.  We are delighted to share Norwood’s journey and the former couple’s reunion.”

The video was shot, and produced in-house by the airline’s social media team.

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