House of Travel app puts a virtual consultant on mobile

House of Travel’s new iPhone and Android app, conveniently abbreviated to HOT, is a new way for tourists who have booked travel with the company to manage their trip.

The app lets users manage bookings, see their itinerary, store information securely, see and take up deals and create a shareable journal and photo album.

House of Travel’s head of strategy Niall White says it wanted to be able to offer customer support via the app and take advantage of the level of smartphone adoption among Kiwis. “This is a significant breakthrough in making our customers travel experience more enjoyable and offering them a practical digital tool to go on holiday with,” he says.

Nick Lowe, general manager of Satellite Media, which developed the app, says it unlocks a traveller’s full itinerary.

“It gives support through the app to your travel consultant and ease of access to your itinerary,” he says.

Customers need to log in with their trip booking details, then they’re given a trip countdown and guides for the destinations they’re visiting. It’s also designed as a one stop shop for booking references and check-in documents.

House of Travel said more features would be developed for the app, but didn’t detail these. To use the app, customers need to have booked at one of the company’s outlets or through its website hot.co.nz.

The site was established in 2004 as a place for travellers to compare flight prices.

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