Heinz Wattie’s and Running with Scissors celebrate the art of sauce extraction

Wattie’s tomato sauce is a staple of many a pantry, fridge or glove box in New Zealand. And whether it’s the heel of a hand planted on the base of the bottle, some vigorous shaking or an intense windmill action, passionate Kiwi sauce fans employ a range of techniques to get every last drop of that glorious red elixir out of the bottle. Now, to launch its new stuck-sauce solution, the Upside Down Bottle, Heinz Wattie’s and Running with Scissors have launched a new brand campaign that celebrates that ingenuity.  


With the tagline ‘Flippin’ Kiwi genius’, the Upside Down Sauce range features the hero product, as well as six other sauces. And,following on from a range of other condiment providers, including its ownHeinz ketchup range, the bottle features a large stay-clean cap and neck that “ensures the bottle stands up in the fridge and the sauce funnels down easily to the exit point”. 

Running with Scissors won the Heinz Wattie’s business in the middle of last year, taking over from DDB, and this is the third campaign it has launched for the company.

“Part of the joy of working with Heinz Wattie’s is creating campaigns for brands and products that are loved by Kiwis and feature in their daily life,” says Andy Mitchell, boss at Running with Scissors. “Wattie’s tomato sauce is such an integral part of our summer, BBQs and fish ‘n chips that everyone wants to share their tips for extraction. The research stage for this campaign was amazing. Kiwis are truly ingenious in their dedication to trying to extract every last drop.”

The TVC, which was shot by Thick as Thieves’ Alex Sutherland and launched on 10 February, is complemented by activity across radio and social media platforms, with plenty of requests for fans to share their favourite extraction methods and win prizes last week. 

And while we’re at it, here are a few classic Wattie’s tomato sauce ads. 










Client: Heinz Wattie’s

General Manager Marketing: Tim Skellern

Group Marketing Manager: Gerard McAleese, Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces, Pet Food and Beverages

Business Manager: Glenys Henry, Ketchup, Condiments & Sauces

Marketing Manager: Melanie Taylor, Table Sauces & Dressings

Creative Agency: Running with Scissors

Boss 1: Friday O’Flaherty

Boss 2: Andy Mitchell

Creative: Bob Moore

Creative Planner: Lisa Divett

Director of Development: Afshin Saffari

Ground Control: Ed Gunn

Producer: Lisa Walker

Production Company: Thick as Thieves

Director: Alex Sutherland

Producer: Rebekah Kelly

Executive Producer: Nik Beachman

Media Agency: OMD

Account Director: Jonny Barker

Senior Account Manager: Lauren Siemer

Sound Design: Franklin Road

Composer: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper

Director: Jonathan Hughes

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