Hutchwilco and DDB Group aim to protect fisherman by protecting their secret spots

Getting any salty old sea dog to share their secret fishing spots is nigh-on impossible. And this reluctance can sometimes be dangerous, because if they get into trouble no-one knows where they are. So, in an effort to deal with this problem and stop its customers from dying, Hutchwilco, DDB and Rapp Tribal developed a clever and helpful iPhone app that allows fishermen to log their co-ordinates to a secure database and if they don’t come home, a loved one can log on, see where they like to go, and send the details straight to the Coastguard.


“No matter how good we make our lifejackets, if no one knows where they’ve gone the likelihood of finding them if they get in trouble is close to impossible,” says the release. 

On the other side of the coin, those who happen to pluck a few monsters from the deep are usually pretty happy to show off their spoils, so the app also allows fisherman to keep pics of their haul and gain some bragging rights. 

When it comes to brand-funded apps, you’ve usually got to provide gimmickry (like the Carlsberg virtual pint) or utility and this one is a good example of the latter, with the app already being chosen as the mobile of the day on FWA.com. 

If you want your app to be downloaded, it’s also crucial to promote it—in the same way you’d allocate media spend for a new TVC. That’s still surprisingly uncommon, but the app is being backed up by a powerful print campaign. 


Agency:  DDB Group New Zealand


Creative Director -  Andy Fackrell

– Andy Fackrell
DDB Creative Director – Steve Kane/Chris Schofield/Regan Grafton

– Rory McKechnie/Damian Galvin/Adam Thompson
Managing Partner – Scott Wallace

Account Manager – Jonathan Rea

Manager – Nisa Solipo

– Reene Lam

– Kevin Hyde

– Lewis Mulatero

– Steve Gulik/Sam Arden/Jim
RAPP Tribal Creative Director – Aaron Goldring

– Dov Tombs
Lead Designer – Jason Vertongen
Lead Developer – Cameron Crosby
Developer – Jarrad Edwards 

Client: Garry Sutton, Managing Director, Tim Ritchie, Marketing Manager  

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