Great (split) minds think alike, as photoshopping leads to questions about daddy’s whereabouts

Our chums at Idealog couldn’t help but laugh (at their own expense) when they laid eyes on a bit of a whoopsie inside iSubscribe’s Christmas subscription promotion recently.

Despite the fact ACP’s North and South came out first, Idealog editor Matt Cooney denied all accusations of wrong-doing and says there are absolutely no similarities between the two covers whatsoever, before muttering something about casualties of coincidence and great minds thinking alike.

“I have absolutely no comment on the matter. But anyone with a pair of eyes can see that they’re completely different. I mean, for a start, our cover doesn’t have an Asian woman on it, neither of our half-faces are wearing glasses and the mastheads are made up of completely different letters,” he says. “And I wasn’t even at that party,” he added confusingly, before throwing a cup at the wall and storming out of the office.

Some scandalous sources suggest the strikingly similar covers may be an attempt at retribution after a certain publisher from Tangible Media, who was photographed at his home with his family for a feature in ACP’s Your Home and Garden recently, was actually removed from the images that were published in the magazine. Sadly, the dastardly photoshopper left some evidence at the crime scene and the rogue chair leg that remains in the photo lingers as a constant reminder to his children that their daddy was mysteriously ‘disappeared’.

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