Got ideas? Get cash!

cash-for-ideasThe latest glorious edition of our sister/brother/cousin publication (does it always have to be a sister publication?) Idealog is on the shelves soon. And woe betide any businessperson, inventor, entrepreneur or captain of industry who misses out on the nice surprise included within its extremely knowledgeable and good-looking pages.  

Along with the typical array of zeitgeisty business/tech/cultural goodness, the December issue also includes a 40-page master-class on the commercialisation process.

Ideas are all well and good. But making it a reality is a much more difficult and expensive kettle of fish. The kind of expert information required to do this successfully isn’t normally free. But thanks to Idealog, your very own quasi-philanthropic ‘ideation’ consultancy, it is now. Merry  Christmas.

The first installment of the Cash for Ideas section is on the Idealog website now and a new dose of wise innovation counsel will be put up on the site every day, so check back for more pearls of wisdom.

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