From beyond the grave: BNZ and Sugar’s last stand

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoThere’s been plenty of chatter about the BNZ of late after a regional realignment meant it parted company with Sugar and, rather unexpectedly, shacked with Colenso BBDO. But before that all kicked off, the old pairing had time to come up with a new campaign pushing the bank’s offset mortgage product TotalMoney. 

Following on from the success of campaigns like What’s My Number, Sorted.co.nz and ASB Experience, which have added an element of online discovery in an effort to ramp up the engagement, BNZ is asking viewers—and those who see the online ad featuring a dog that looks like it’s leaning on a banana—to test out how much money they could save to pay for things like family holidays, canine casts and moist laptops by pushing them towards an online calculator. And while the TV spot says “it’s a different kind of home loan”, Kiwibank also offers a similar product and promoted it fairly heavily last year with a bunch of small green cars (here’s what Consumer has to say about them).

While we’re on the topic of BNZ, DNA and Warren & Mahoney completely revamped the bank’s 180 ‘stores’ to improve the customer’s retail experience. But we’re wondering what was wrong this amazing BNZ ‘Futuro Branch’ from 1974, which was posted on the bank’s new Facebook Timeline.

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