Driving Miss Daisy: Gull and Contagion create unique product demonstration with edible billboard

As a quintessential challenger brand, independent, family owned oil company Gull has tried a few things to get noticed, from themed toilets, to aggressive pricing (and criticism of the pricing structure of its national competition), to road rage reduction tools to docking wages of staff for customer theft. And, in an effort to draw attention to its biofuel, Gull Force 10, it worked with Contagion to create an edible billboard as part of its sponsorship of the Splore music festival. 

As a release says: “Gull Biofuel is made with dairy waste, making it the most eco-friendly fuel in New Zealand and the only Biofuel currently available. Trouble is, very few people are aware that Gull offer this product, let alone how Biofuel is produced.” 

So, on the road into the festival, which is committed to becoming a zero-waste event, a full-sized billboard was constructed from hay-bales and printed with non-toxic vegetable dye. A herd of cows was then released into the paddock and let loose on the billboard to demonstrate how Biofuel is made—or to demonstrate the first bit of the process, at least. 

It’s not the first time billboards have been made delicious to animals, however. 

And as for the humans, Fly Buys released a lollipop billboard and jaffa installation for its ‘Dream a Little’ campaign

And cake maker Mr Kipling did the same overseas. 

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