DJ Dough: Pizza Hut gets musical

Pizza Hut UK is delivering the whole party, with the creation of the world’s first playable DJ pizza box, allowing its customers to make music once the pizza has been devoured.

The cardboard box is a fully functioning deck and connects to the users smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth. The only other requirement is DJ software.

Like a standard DJ set up, it features volume control, pitch and speed control, the ability to cue and sync, a mixer and the scratch feature.

The box is available at selected UK Pizza Hut restaurants for a limited time.

The musical pizza boxes come after McDonald’s Netherlands served up music to its diners by inviting them to play their placemats earlier this year.

The placemats were printed with conductive ink and featured 26 touch points that connected to the diners smartphone via Bluetooth.

Each touch point made a different sound and the phone acted as a speaker and screen thorough which the music played.

Diners could even record their voices and add lyrics to their songs.

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