Couches, crumbed camembert, cultural stereotyping and comedians

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Cadbury by DBB and Thick as Thieves

Why we like it: A bravura canine performance, a massive purple couch and a few patriotic sporting tingles that Cadbury can bask in the reflected glow of.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Hell Pizza by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Film Construction

Why we like it: There’s not nearly enough nerd-tasering on TV these days, so we were pleased to see another twisted ad to showcase Hell’s sides (and they’ve also got a new box to put them in).

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Subway by Publicis Mojo and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Nothing like a bit of comparative advertising/cultural stereotyping to sell some sammies. And we particularly enjoyed the uncanny, upside down geographic resemblance between New Zealand and Italy. Well worth checking out the mashed-ups radio ads too.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: NZ International Comedy Festival

Why we like it: Guy Williams is hilarious. David Farrier’s pretty funny too. And there are a whole heaps more clips from local and international comedians on the YouTube channel.



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