The Compendium: 6 December

Is your plumber a fan of quickies? Does he like to give pipes attention? You’ll wish your tradesperson was like the pinups in this calendar from Liquid-Plumr.

Sporting success without facial hair: it’s a ridiculous proposition, Ron Burgundy tells star quarterback Peyton Manning in an interview for ESPN. Do you also think Manning looks like a succulent baby lamb?

Turkish Airways has pitted big name athletes Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi against each other in a battle of increasingly ridiculous selfies. Lick from a big lion, anyone?

Hey, it’s an NSFW stop motion video full of naked people…

Waterstones in the UK has trumped Amazon’s plans for product delivery by drone with O.W.L.S, the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service.

This poignant video not only draws attention to those who suffer from disabilities, but also illustrates that conventional notions of beauty are so over-used that we don’t notice them any longer. People only stop to look at mannequins when they realise that they’re different.

Whoever said poetry was boring had obviously never seen Daniel Garity slamming his way through the American education system.  

Scaring the hell out of people is becoming an advertising favourite, so it’s hardly surprising that Amnesty International has decided to use this strategy to draw attention to the horrors that happen more often than we think.   

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