Nelson Mandela: remembering a nation’s healer

Rarely, if ever, is the word iconic used in its true sense. Most often, it is hyperbolically thrown around to exaggerate the importance of an event.

With the passing of anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela, this word is still inappropriate, not due to reasons of hyperbole or exaggeration but rather because it simply isn’t sufficient to describe the influence this man had in his 95 years.  

What follows is a short collection of videos that recount some firsts in the life of this remarkable man.

In his first interview, Mandela showed restraint, strength and eloquence as he dealt with tough questions.  

“The sun shall never set on so glorious a human achievement,” he said in his inaugural address as President of South Africa. And this statement could easily be applied to his life as a whole.

He spent a lifetime struggling for this moment.

His first steps into a new South Africa as a free man.

South Africa’s first Rugby World Cup was a testament to his perseverance.

South Africa’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup was also in no small part due to his ambassadorial efforts.  

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