DraftFCB and CAANZ launch stellar call for Effie entries campaign

As consumers, we might not give much thought to advertisements beyond having a chuckle at some or snarling and changing channels in response to others. On the other side of the screen, it’s a different story. Stakeholders want to know campaigns are doing what they’re meant to do: making an impact and delivering commercial results. And that’s what the Effie Awards reward.

Held in 25 countries, the Effie name is synonymous with effective advertising and recognises business objectives beyond brand perceptions, such as sales, market share, or measurable behavioural shifts. Says CAANZ chief executive Paul Head: “They aim to recognise, educate and encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry and clearly prove the value that effective creative ideas deliver.”

The call for entry campaign by DraftFCB is a good’un too. And if Toby Talbot is anything to go by, none of the advertising big wigs that each poster relates to (see below) had any idea members of their family were involved until they saw them on their desks.


This year’s winners will be revealed at an awards evening on October 6 (venue to be confirmed). But to be in the running, you’ll need to make a submission by August 1 (and for those keen beans who want to give themselves every advantage possible, there’s the “How to Write an Award Winning EFFIE” workshop on July 12).

And there’s nothing quite like the scrutiny of a panel of peers. Top marketers, advertisers and researchers will cast a critical eye over the entrants and judge them in two phases. Those who make it through stage one will be asked to send in creative materials, and be pitted against other finalists to fight it out for the grand title in the following categories:

  • Charity/Not for Profit
  • Social Marketing/Public Servicec.
  • Retail/Etail
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Services
  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Limited Budget: less than $300,000
  • Most Effective Integrated Campaign
  • Most Effective Digital or Social Media Campaign
  • Hardest Challenge
  • Best Strategic Thinking
  • Most Progressive Campaign
  • Most Effective PR or Experiential Campaign
  • Sustained Success

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