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Who’s it for: Coca-Cola by Hugh Mitton

Why we like it: Coca-Cola recently ran a worldwide crowdsourcing contest on the eYeka co-creation platform and asked participants to create an illustration, photograph or video of the brand to depict ‘energizing refreshment’. The contest saw over 2,600 entries submitted across the three mediums. And aspiring Kiwi film-maker Hugh Mitton, who has just started as an intern at Ogilvy Wellington, took out top prize and pocketed US$30,000 cash. Nice.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Coca-Cola by Ogilvy NZ

Why we like it: Yeah, it’s a bit cheesy and features attractive people from around the world spraying Coke all over themselves. But that OTT happiness has long been Coca-Cola’s niche. And it was always going to embrace that for its RWC push. Extra points for including a massive clothesline in the final cut. The DASR will be all over that.

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