Barnes, Catmur & Friends gets back to nature with Subaru’s ‘Great Wagons of New Zealand’

Youtube VideoPer capita, more Subarus are sold in New Zealand than anywhere else in the world. And it’s not entirely surprising, as one in every three kilometres of New Zealand road is unsealed and there’s no telling when you’ll need to haul some golf clubs/diving gear/surfboards/groceries/kai moana/compost/children/dogs/drugs harvests in the back of your steed. So, to showcase the fleet-footed Legacy in its natural habitat, Barnes, Catmur & Friends has given a nod to the taxonomists of yore—and to the Department of Conservation—with its ‘Great Wagons of New Zealand’ spot. 

Youtube VideoIn addition to this new ad, which was made by The Craft Shop, Subaru has also been airing a brilliant big budget ad for the just-launched XV crossover that features 26 Subaru models and was made by its Aussie agency Disciple.

Slightly surprisingly, given the regular sightings of the Japanese car-maker’s models, Subaru sits in 12th position in terms of new car sales, with 132 models sold in September 2011 for 2.3 percent share, compared to 189 cars sold in September 2010 for a three percent share (check out the rest of the list here).


Client: Subaru of New Zealand

Title: Great Wagons of New Zealand

Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Brad Stratton and Jesse Stevens – Creative Development

Crispin Schuberth – Art Direction

Daniel Barnes – Managing Director

Paul Catmur – Executive Creative Director

Jo Cheyne – Account Director


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