Ads of the Week: 14 March

Who’s it for: Anchor by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Although milk is a staple in all fridges, it still relies on marketing to generate hype around its health benefits. This campaign is no different, however, it’s presentation of the facts is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Parris Goebel’s interpretive dance with Harry Baker’s slam poem is mesmerising and the words tell a story about how milk so much more than a white liquid in a bottle. Anchor’s ‘Go Strong‘ branding has wowed us from the beginning and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.


Who’s it for: McKayson New Zealand Women’s Open by Augusto

Why we like it: Lydia Ko is a household name in New Zealand, yet we rarely get to see the golf superstar play on local soil. And now she couldn’t get any closer to New Zealanders as she plays in their backyards. And by taking Ko off the green, it’ll likely to drum up support for the sport from those who are not typically golf followers ahead of the tournament in late September.

Who’s it for: Netball New Zealand by True

Why we like it: While the All Blacks strip down for Jockey and share some fashion advice, its good to see the country’s netball stars breaking a sweat, and nearly themselves, as they prepare for the upcoming ANZ Premiership. The juxtaposition of a song about a sweet little girl who’s light on her feet and the player’s actions lifting weights, sledgehammering tyres and boxing adds some comedic value to the gritty spot, while further emphasising just how strong the women are.

Who’s it for: Jockey by Parlour

Why we like it: It’s a good thing New Zealand’s rugby boys have a uniform for the field because it seems they need some assistance in the wardrobe department—although their underwear’s on point. Typically we see the boys take it off for the camera in Jockey campaigns, but the fact they’re dressing up in these videos doesn’t mean audiences see any less of them. And like the last campaign, the inclusion of former Shortland Star Will Hall is a reality check that most men don’t look like the All Blacks.

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