Ads of the week: 1 March

Who’s it for: McDonald’s developed by DDB and shot by Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: Who doesn’t love a story of an underdog? The ad is funny, relatable and well-timed. We like that McDonald’s has used the analogy of a man who’s spent his life trying to be unique to promote its ‘Create your taste’ campaign where customers can create their own distinct burger. We learn a remarkable amount of information about this John Smith in just 45 seconds. From his birth, to his awkward teenage phase, right up to his ‘big break’ as a burger creator.

Who’s it for: KFC by Ogilvy & Mather

Why we like it: We like how KFC has represented the solidarity sports fans feel when they’re either off to a big game or watching it from home, whether it ends in cheers or tears. It’s also nicely framed the rituals sports fans (in this case, Super Rugby) fans go through before a match. Maybe it’s painting their team’s colours across their faces, creating funny signs or dressing up wearing crazy wigs and costumes with zero shame, just to show their support.

Who’s it for: Farmers by The Workshop

Why we like it: It’s fast, it’s funky and by the end of the ad we’ve seen a decent selection of Farmers’ women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing range as well as its homeware. As we’ve mentioned before, we like that Farmers has strayed away from ads which are essentially a catalogue where the model poses in video form rather than picture form and has gone for something different and more interesting. We hope it keeps it up.

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