.99 keeps online fundraising simple for complex disease

Sometimes the simplest creative ideas are the most powerful, and that’s the premise of searchforacure.co.nz, a new site that capitalises on the ubiquity of Google as a home page for quick search.

The web page, created by .99, has a Google search field along with three advertising spots that generate revenue for Leukaemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand (LBC) to research potential cures for the disease.

The agency and hosting provider Mothership are providing services free, with advertising booked and served by AdHub.

LBC makes 1c per ad per pageview.

“Most people already use a search engine as their homepage,” says LBC communications manager Georgie Hackett. “Now they can help us support the 10,000 Kiwis with blood cancer just by doing what they already do.

“On average we’ll get around 3c every time someone uses the website, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if everyone was to set it as their homepage, those cents would quickly turn into dollars.”

The site has been soft launched and currently includes ads from Countdown and Skinny Mobile. It has been shared among LBC and .99 staff but will be more heavily promoted from January, .99 senior creative Edward Bell says.

By last week the page had netted more than 30,000 page views, he says.

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