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Churn baby churn: is high staff turnover hurting the industry?

It’s no secret creatives work hard and like all of us, want to find some fulfilment in their roles. But as time shortens and the workload piles up, that satisfaction is replaced with stress and they want out. Erin McKenzie dives into adland to see what’s going on in agencies and what churn means for the wider industry.

Away in a manger, a LifePod for a bed: Young & Shand puts a modern spin on the nativity scene

The vast majority of Christmas-themed advertising that flooded onto media channels during November and December featured the rotund imagery of Santa Claus smiling and handing out gifts. However, when challenged by philanthropist and scientist Ray Avery to develop a campaign encouraging Kiwis to support the development of his LifePod technology through donations, Young & Shand veered away from Santa Claus and instead used more traditional imagery to get its point across.

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