NZME’s Dean Buchanan and Shayne Currie talk radio

Shayne Currie (above), Dean Buchanan (below)

Which station had the best year in 2017? Why?

Newstalk ZB, grew all year in the face of really stiff competition. Share grew across all four surveys back to back, due to major news events and a rejuvenation of the brand. The station is leading the countries news and agenda. Actually the two Z’s, ZM had a great year of growth particularly in the 18-39 demographic, with Fletch, Vaughan and Megan taking the lead (cumulative audience) in New Zealand.

Which station had the worst year in 2017? Why?


Who are the radio personalities to watch this year?

Kates Hawkesby and Heather du Plessis-Allan on Newstalk ZB have both started their new shows with a hiss and a bang. We are expecting fantastic things this year – we can’t wait for Simon Barnett to join us next year. We are also really excited about our full talent line up on the music brands, have a listen to our new breakfast show on Coast with Jason Reeves and Bernadine Oliver-Kerby. Watch out for Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath on Hauraki, with Jerry finally doing a full working day for the first time in his life on Seven Sharp.

Which are the radio stations to watch this year?

The continued growth of iHeartRadio is one to watch, with our new digital audience targeting platform we are bringing new opportunities for advertisers to target and talk to their audience. 

What does the radio industry need to stop doing?

Stop blowing the budget on parties.

What does the radio industry need to continue doing?

More parties, more intercompany cricket competitions, which by the way, NZME won the first one versus MediaWorks. Lastly, continue to generate great content with great people across multiple platforms.

What will be radio’s greatest strength be this year?

Engagement with its audiences – that one on one, personal, local and connected companionship that other mediums only dream of.

Are there any radio myths you’d like to see busted?

We’re going to bust one now: driver-less cars will not be the death of radio. We get car sick.

What will make or break stations this year?

Being boring will break them, great content and great people will make them. 

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