Energy Online and Contagion show the niggles of moving house

Energy Online is back with its humorous ‘No Regerts‘ campaign; this time following home buyers who quickly regret moving house.

In collaboration with Contagion, the comedic 15-second videos feature keen home movers whose plans are foiled. 

In one ad, a young couple packs their car up, including an urn of nana’s ashes. Their journey comes to a quick halt, and as they stop the ashes soil the couple and their car. Following the saga, two similar ads are presented, with a couple discovering a ghost in their new house and the last showing a couch thieving incident on the side of the road. 

Justine Fairlie, energy online brand and marketing manager, says it is vital to make life as simple as possible when moving house.

“All the things that can go wrong often do, but move with us and your energy doesn’t have to be one of them. I’m really proud of this work which was conceptualised, produced and live within a month through a very collaborative, agile process with our agency.”

The ‘No Regerts‘ campaign isn’t the first for Energy Online, who released its no-contracts deal in June. In one ad,  a middle-aged couple enjoying a pretty boring anniversary until the husband unleashed his new regretful tattoo.

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