Year in Review: Tarver Graham, Gladeye

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours 

‘Give Nothing to Racism’ simply because Taika Waititi’s such a great comic actor.


2. Favourite campaign that is yours

Allpress ‘FlavourFinder’ which brings together event activation, mobile experience and data. 

3. Favourite international campaign 

‘Truth is Hard’ by Droga5 for The New York Times. I also enjoyed Guy Richie’s hammed up self-referential Beats ad with it’s classic ‘LockStock’ characters. 

4. Least favourite campaign 

DairyNZ’s ‘The Vision is Clear’ campaign that deflects responsibility for waterways onto everyone but themselves. 


5. Your own biggest success 

Winning a Webby.  

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year 

The first CRISPR (genetically engineered) babies.  

7. What should be un-invented? 

CRISPR babies. 

8. Lamest trend 

Blockchain everything. 

9. Best brands 

Microsoft, for proposing regulation of facial recognition. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

10. Best stoush 

Trump vs Mueller and the American Justice System.  

11. Heroes of 2018? 

Jerome Motto, who pioneered a new approach to suicide prevention documented in this outstanding story from HuffPost Highline.

Also Jacinda Ardern for that speech at the UN that gave NZ back a strong voice after years of cringeworthy capitulation, and for levelling gender expectations and redefining norms of behaviour when she took her new baby into the General Assembly.   


12. Villains of 2018? 

Hard to go past the GOP in 2018. 

13. What died in 2018? 

The hope that climate change will peak below +2 degrees. 

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2019? 

Buying more expensive, complex marketing software without a clear plan for how to make it work for their business. 

15. How far in our future do you think The Handmaid’s Tale is? 

Pass, haven’t read the book or seen the show yet but I hear it’s great. Ask me in January. 

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