Year in Review: Paul Millward, DB Breweries

1. Favourite local campaign that isn’t yours

The Vogel’s ‘What do you bring to the table’ campaign.

I love a good story, with great Kiwi characters, and an ad where the brand reveal at the end is a surprise. 

2. Favourite campaign that is yours

The Monteith’s ‘Brewed for Right Now’ campaign has brought together the history of great beers with magic spots that are unique to New Zealand like the Puhoi Tavern.

It reminds me that through older classics like Monteith’s Summer that have been part of some great nights, and new beers like Monteith’s Phoenix, that campaigns can bring back memories of good times with mates over beers. Shouldn’t ads make you want the product – every time I watch this I want a beer!

3. Favourite international campaign

The Elton John ‘Boy and the Piano’ Christmas campaign for John Lewis, again a great story. As a country England do Christmas incredibly well and turn it into such a big event. Big brands that can make big occasions bigger are impressive, it’s hard to do!

4. Least favourite campaign

The Arnott’s Biscuit Apocalypse. Whoever thought that Steven Hansen + first world problem of no more biscuits + the lifesaving advice of ‘don’t lose your biscuit’ might actually sell more biscuits was deluded. Although I’ll still buy white Tim Tams because they’re so good.

5. Your own biggest success

We launched Tiger Crystal halfway through this year and it’s delivered 150 percent growth on the brand with a very different proposition to the current product. Really proud of how our people brought this to life with our partners, and it landed loudly. It’s the second biggest piece of innovation in beer in 2018, second to Heineken 0.0.

6. Most significant launch/innovation/thing of the year

The launch of Heineken 0.0 in New Zealand. We launched through various channels and it’s really impacted the market as a whole. It’s always hard to launch new products that are incremental to a category but this is! The ad was cool, great humour to deliver the message that you can enjoy Heineken 0.0 anytime, anywhere, ‘Now You Can’.

7. What should be un-invented?

Tossup between fidget spinners or Caller ID (impossible to do crank calls now)

8. Lamest trend

People moving out of Auckland, life’s good here.

9. Best brands

Heineken of course! Common Projects, Havianas, James Perse, Norse Projects. 

10. Best stoush

Santagate aka Farmers sacking Santa. Santa is a man, it is what it is.

11. Heroes

Vinnie Chase from Entourage.

12. Villains

Plastic Bags seemed like public enemy number one in 2018. 

13. What died in 2018?

I wish Hot Desks did, maybe people like having a permanent spot and some personal stuff by their desk.

14. What’s the biggest mistake marketers will make in 2019?

In New Zealand, it’ll be not investing in their brands and instead focussing on complicated things that won’t scale!   

15. How far in our future do you think The Handmaid’s Tale is?

More a Vikings guy.

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