Media Munchies: Theresa Gattung

Theresa Gattung was made chief executive of Telecom at the very young age of 37 and, after eight years in that stressful role, she took a well-earned break in 2007. Now she’s putting her efforts—and her capital—into a much smaller business, food delivery service My Food Bag. And with a 40 percent stake in a company that’s expecting revenues of $50 million this year, she obviously knows how to pick ‘em. Here’s how the self-proclaimed uncool entrepreneur spends her media time. 

What media do you wake up to?
I wake up to the birds singing! I drive to the pool listening to the radio, usually Coast. How uncool is that!?

What TV shows are you watching at the moment?
And how are you watching them? I seldom watch TV. I prefer pottering around, having dinner with friends, reading …

What are you listening to at the moment? And how are you listening to it? 
On my CD player at home I listen to my evergreen favourites like Fleetwood Mac, Adele, Lucinda Williams …

What are you reading at the moment? And how are you reading it?
I love reading and have just become a supporter of the 2015 Auckland Writers Festival. I have just finished Donna Tartt’s book Goldfinch, which I thoroughly enjoyed. My favourite writer is Ann Patchett, who has the rare skill of being masterful at both fiction and non-fiction. I read books the old fashioned way. No Kindle for me!

Do you use social media? 
Yes, I’m on Facebook.

How do you get your news? 
Online during the week (several times a day), but I love a long leisurely read of the New Zealand Herald and Sunday Star Times in print on the weekend.

What are your favourite websites? 
Astrologyzone.com and Trelisecooper.com

What’s your favourite magazine? 
Next. It’s always a great read.   

What’s your favourite app? 
Air New Zealand.

What’s your guilty media pleasure?  

What media do you go to sleep with? 
Are you kidding?

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