Gregg’s pulls its product strings together with cheeky brand ad

With a broad range of products that spans the likes of jelly, coffee, spices, hot chocolate and food pastes, Gregg’s has until now advertised these various items separately in their respective categories. However, with the launch of its latest brand ad, the Kiwi company is attempting to consolidate everything it offers under the new ‘fun with flavour’ positioning.       

“The idea of the campaign is to establish a masterbrand that ties everything together,” says FCB group account director Toby Sellers. “Consumers didn’t see Gregg’s as a holisitic food brand. This is meant to be the thread that ties all of the brands together.”

The creative challenge faced by Gregg’s was that the products sold were quite disparate; as Sellers explains, coffee and tomato sauce don’t necessarily provide the easiest connection to represent in a brand ad. So, instead of focusing on the foods themselves, FCB instead developed a campaign that shows modern Kiwi families deriving joy from using the products in the Gregg’s range (Sellers does however explain that the content from the brand ad will also be used to create three separate product ads, which focus on Gregg’s Instant Coffee, Gregg’s Flavoured Instant Coffee and Gregg’s Herbs and Spices). 

Shot by Flying Fish under the directorial gaze of James Solomon, the spot plays out as a montage of scenes showing Kiwis eating, playing practical jokes and just generally having a good time.

“We wanted to deliver it in a more contemporary way. Gregg’s is a heartland brand, but we wanted the ad to give a modern representation of mainstream Kiwi life. This is reflected in everything from the scenes to the talent we cast to appear in the ad.”

Sellers says that it was also important for Gregg’s not to fall into the modern trend of fancy food being peddled in reality cooking shows.     

“Gregg’s is about tasty home-cooked, everday food. There’s this sense at the moment that all meals need to look as though they came out a restaurant, but that’s not what we went for. We just wanted to show that Gregg’s is about enjoying yourself, whether you’re having coffee, jelly or spicy food. And that’s what ‘fun with flavour’ taps into.”

In keeping with the Gregg’s tradition of humouros ads, the spot retains the cheekiness that has typified the brand’s image across both TV and radio (FCB won the grande Orca last year for a particularly entertaining radio spot).


FCB’s partnership with Gregg’s stretches back about 15 years, and Sellers says this track record when combined with a brave client has allowed the agency to develop some bold creative over the years.

“Gregg’s is a big brand in New Zealand, but compared to its multi-national competitors it’s almost like a challenger brand. The company doesn’t have the budget to compete with the major international players, like Nestle, so it has to produce creative that cuts through to consumers.”  

Sellers says that Whittaker’s is another Kiwi brand that does well in this regard, taking on the likes of Cadbury and growing its market share in New Zealand. And he adds that success stories like those of Whittaker’s and Gregg’s—both companies that have existed since the 1800s—show that  Kiwi brands can go toe to toe with much bigger companies.

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