All-consuming RWC beast devours all in its path

Brad Novak via Cleverbastards.co.nz

With the nation currently in the grip of a violent strain of rugby fever (symptoms include very low workplace productivity, constant gridlock in Auckland, increasing popularity for psychic animals, ads between the haka, Google doodles and a penchant for infographics), it’s fairly difficult to think about anything else today. Like everyone in the country, it seems, we’re trying to escape early to go do some ambush marketing celebrate the opening of the Rugby World Cup. So how will it all pan out? Will Sean Fitzpatrick drive the length of the field in a pink fist? Will there be an exploding Rainbow Warrior or a white can of Steinlager snuck into the fireworks display? Will Buck Shelford’s testicle be put on a plinth beside the Webb Ellis trophy? Will Richie McCow be slaughtered just before kick off as an offering to the All Black gods? Will any of these things happen? In the spirit of StopPress collegiality and tomfoolery, we think you should add your suggestion to the comment wall and we’ll dish out an old rugby ball, a 5kg box of Cadbury favourites and heaps of mana to the best effort. And in all seriousness, allez les Black. May you fine specimens of man runneth over your opposition and may you eventually fill your cup with either the official beer of the tournament or the official beer of the All Blacks come October 23.


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